January 26, 2015

Wedding Memories

I've always been fond of the little things. Little smiles, little notes, little moments.. It seems that the things in life that touch us the most are not the great and grand things, but the small and significant.

Perhaps that's been more true in regards to my wedding than any other time. During the months of preparation I often wondered what would be most significant to me. Walking down the aisle? Wearing my amazing dress? Saying I do? Hearing the pronouncement that we were finally one?

And every single one of those things was beautiful, but the memories that linger to warm the heart most were of the little things.

The emotional moments like writing my vows back in a tiny office on Friday afternoon with tears silently falling down my cheeks.

The fifteen minutes before our photo shoot while I stood before a gilt-edged mirror in a Bed and Breakfast talking with God. Resting in the peace and security of leaning into His calm eternity and feeling his tears of joy mingling with mine. Knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was in His will and that He alone had made my joy full.

The intense emotion that I was completely unprepared for when I saw my groom for the first time.

The funny moment as my Dad and I waited to enter the church door when a swarm of lady bugs dropped onto my dress from the door frame! We had quite the fun disentangling them from the tulle overlay of my dress!

The real-life chaotic moments of laughing over a hundred and one things that didn't go as planned.

But the little moments that I remember and treasure most were of the people. I could never have been prepared for the shower of love, care, and willingness to serve that came from all directions. People jumped in to arrange flowers, decorate, fix problems, make food and drinks, create signs, make programs, transport loads of stuff, fold napkins, help hand make invitations, shoot video, make last minute runs to town, and so many things I can't even begin to list.

The little smiles of my bridesmaids--their eyes holding the stories of all the years of memories we've lived. They knew better than anyone the depth of the joy that day held for me. Being surrounded by the amazing girls who have known me, loved me honestly, and been there for me through the many stages of my life was so very meaningful.

Being attentively escorted to our car after church by an honor guard of faithful groomsmen who with prodigious seriousness went so far as to check each tire and door latch to ensure that we would have a safe ride!

Josiah's Groomsmen "grooming" him. I die every time I see this pic...

The little moments when my littlest flower girl would run to me with outstretched arms, demanding, "UP!"

The hilarity of being blindfolded and kidnapped by our wedding party after our rehearsal.

The outstanding help of our competent wedding coordinator, Naomi. Her support and calm guidance that kept me from losing my mind over details.

Seeing the tears of our parents.

The love of our mentors.

The toddling steps of the world's cutest Bible Boy.

I just can't even...

The hugs of the hundreds of people whose presence spoke to us of their support and approval.

These are the moments that I will bottle up and cherish for a lifetime. To God be the glory, that two who deserved so little have received the portion of royalty. 

Note: A huge thank you to Evan Bambrick and Nathan Reimche-Vu for the amazing photos. You guys are wonderful. Thank you for giving of your talent of creativity. The memories of our day are something we will treasure for ever.


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