February 1, 2014

That's Heaven's Way

"If he had been willing to return to God, satisfied to fill the place appointed him in God’s great plan, he would have been reinstated in his office." (PP 39)

Wait, what?

"Yes. Lucifer." Josiah repeats.


I fall silent. My mind accepting the impact of the thought.

That's mercy.

If the vilest had repented, Grace would have offered him the highest position in heaven's angelic forces.

Because that's what grace does. It trusts.

Is not this the grace that we are to offer our fellow man?

"For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you." (John 13:15)

To offer to the one who has wronged us equal love and respect as if they had done no wrong.

To treat parents who may have failed us with the same dignity, respect, and submissive reverence as though they had been perfect role-model examples of parenthood.

To trust the truly repentant friend who has falsely accused and slandered us.

To repay good for evil.

That's heaven's way.


  1. Hmm thanks for this. I personally find giving grace challenging. Because grace isn't grace unless it isn't deserved. Grateful for a God who has given it already and is able to teach me to do as He does.