June 19, 2013

Even the Slammed Doors

The best canvassing experiences are the ones where humanity can't take the credit. We students go door to door to share truth-filled literature that changes people's lives. Often we meet searching souls who eagerly accept our books. Other times we meet people who aren't quite so friendly. Yet, yesterday we were reminded that we are not working alone. Our God works on hearts that we cannot gain access to, and sometimes the unimaginable happens...

The woman cracked open the door enough to listen to "Hi my name is---, we're students working on a scholarship," and then blurted a quick "Not interested."

"Ok that's fine! Just before I go, they gave us--"

"Not interested!" Click.

But my student went down the street undaunted. At the dead end, she met another canvasser and pulled out her radio to call for me to come pick them up.

"Mobile 1, do you copy?"

"Mobile 1??"

"I guess she can't hear us..."

Not knowing what else to do, the pair began walking out of the dead end towards the head of the street.

As they passed by, a door opened and the mean lady came after them. But her demeanor had completely changed.

"I owe you an apology." She meekly admitted.
"I've always been trained to shut down salesmen right away.. But after you left I just kept thinking of how Jesus said 'As you have done it unto the least of these you have done it to me.'" And taking out her checkbook, "I want to help you out."

She wrote a check, quickly folded it, accepted a DVD on Daniel 9 but refused any other books.

The canvassers walked away, and the girl unfolded the check.

It was for $1000!


  1. LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!! A thousand times LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Wow.....God is sooooo amazing.

  2. How encouraging...God owns the cattle on a thousand hills...