January 18, 2013

Uncle Beth

I've been asked the infamous question several times the past month, "So, are you going to be an aunt or an uncle?"

The data is in.

It's a boy!! :-D

I don't believe I've ever been quite so excited in all my little life!

Can't wait to meet you, Enoch.


  1. Uncle Beth? Seems to me it would be Aunt Beth. Can you explain?

    1. lol! Just some people's wacky humor. ;) They were asking if we knew the gender..

    2. Some peoples wacky humor, or some wacky peoples humor? lol! ;)

    3. I was almost going to make some similar quip, Jonathan, until I realized that you beat me to it. :P "Uncle Beth"....*shakes head in wonderment at such abuse to the English language* ;) Love you, girl. ^_^ hehe Congrats!

  2. Replies
    1. :D!! Wait til you see what I'm making!

  3. Auntie Beth!! You've got to be kidding me! I'm so excited. I can't wait to see those two with a little one. And you! Oh you're going to love it, let me tell you first hand. Now I haven't had a baby nephew yet, only three girls. But there's just nothing like a little one that is "yours" who adores you. It's well...to put it in a simple understatement...very special! :) Congratulations!
    Oh btw, I was called "Aunt Max" by Elli for about a year and "Unka Jenae" by Eve for quite a while. It was the cutest thing to hear her say it all serious and then watch her face when she tried to call her "Uncle?...John" ;) But I'm taking over your blog now. I'm just excited! :) Let the happy happy happy auntie days begin! Yay! :D