January 6, 2013


She wouldn't have stood out as she made her way down the street. Her clothing was neat, tidy and clean and it fit her well, but there was nothing attention-drawing about it. Her hair was pulled back in a pony-tail. A few stray wisps played around her unadorned face.


Maybe not by artificial foundation, blush, or mascara, but you would hardly notice the lack. On looking at her face you would immediately have been drawn to her smile. It seemed to give a warm glow to the very atmosphere around her. Little crinkle creases folded back in well-defined lines of happiness to which they seemed long accustomed. Her eyes twinkled like they had a little happy secret.

And if her smile didn't banish any thought of her appearance, her voice would.

Oh, her voice...

It reached out and hugged you. The gentle, soft tones caressed your emotions and left you feeling warm and loved.

"Dear" she called me, her smile stretching to accommodate even more warmth, love and tenderness. Her eyes whispered a gentle "I love you."

How can she? my toughened heart wondered... She doesn't even know me..

I am drawn to her company. I long to sit forever in the warmth of her kindness.

She shows me how beautiful simplicity is. Unpretentious. Uncritical. Not easily offended. No pride. No self-seeking. No vanity. Just that loving, drawing, embracing warmth.

She doesn't care what people think. She is unmarred by the sneers of the jostling, high-nosed crowd. She has something they don't.

I turn from her to the stores, the advertisements, the loud televisions. Little girls flaunting bare skin because they have been taught to believe they are only valuable and beautiful if they do. Yet when they do, they suffer a continual agony of comparison. They aren't as thin, as curvy, as sexy as her-- that elusive other girl they envy. Their eyes sparkle with happiness manufactured as a cover up for aching, bruised, abused hearts.

I hurt for them.

But what about me?

I take a long, searching look in the mirror..
Glance up at the quote written on the glass:

"They will have no need to be adorned with artificials, for these are always expressive of an absence of the inward adorning of true moral worth. A beautiful character is of value in the sight of God. Such beauty will attract, but not mislead. Such charms are fast colors; they never fade." – {HR August 1, 1871 Par. 14}

Am I seeking beauty or vanity?
Loving kindness or compliments?

I wonder..

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  1. Hmm... lot's to ponder here. Very, very real issues. But what if your struggle isn't cosmetics, revealing attire or jewelry, but rather gadgets, fancy cars and homes, or you name it? Is it all really just a hole where Jesus is missing, that we're desperate to fill? Will all these things disappear like frost in the sun when He's on the throne? Thanks for the reminders...