December 22, 2012

He Has Compassion, part 2

Just as it is impossible to be connected to an rehydrating IV without becoming hydrated, it is impossible to keep connected with the Source of Wisdom without increasing in knowledge.

God does not ignore ignorant men, but if they are connected with Christ, if they are sanctified through the truth, they will be constantly gathering knowledge. By exerting every power to glorify God, they will have increased power with which to glorify him. But those who are willing to remain in a narrow channel because God condescended to accept them when they were there, are very foolish; and yet there are hundreds and thousands who are doing this very thing. God has given them the living machinery, and this needs to be used daily in order for the mind to reach higher and still higher attainments. It is a shame that many link ignorance with humility, and that with all the qualities God has given us for education, so great a number are willing to remain in the same low position that they were in when the truth first reached them. They do not grow mentally; they are no better fitted and prepared to do great and good works than when they first heard the truth. – Christian Education page 52

If I am not digging for truth, and continually seeking a deeper understanding, I am putting my connection in jeopardy.

Paul's heart yearned for the salvation of men who were already zealous for God. They were active, committed, religious-- but ignorant. (Rom 10:1)

If I keep witnessing to others for years and can still only tell them that Jesus has had compassion on me, am I not the same?

Ignorance destroys the soul.

He has compassion... Jesus loves me passionately even in my ignorance, but God forbid that I should remain content with it and pronounce my own death sentence.

Dig brethren, dig.


  1. Beth,
    I would like to get to know you!
    I have heard alot about you!
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  2. Thank you for administering the hope that is in God. At a time when I was
    weathering a storm of my own, you helped to direct in me a hope and promise, with God, to continue to seek God's will in my life. I just want to say thank you, and I pray that God will continue to bless you in His purpose in your life.

    1. Anything worthy on these pages is Jesus. He continues to conquer darkness in my life on a daily basis and lead ever upward. Courage, brother! the ship Jesus pilots can weather any storm. I am encouraged and blessed by your humility and I thank you so much for your prayers, indeed I covet them!!