September 9, 2012

Rich Girl

I once thought being struck with poverty would be a tragedy. What would you possibly do if you had no money to eat, buy clothes, or heat your house?

I certainly hoped it would never happen to me.

Little did I realize that nearly every college student experiences it at one point or another and, well, who am I to be exempt?

My bank account consistently hangs under $10 these days. And you know what? It's amazing!! Money is so over-rated. Living without it is the best experience I've ever had. If I had never had a need to test Him, I never would have begun to fully realize what an amazing Provider my Jesus is.

I may not have any money, but it matters little. I know that I'll never get to taste actual poverty. I am rich. Rich through One who for my sake became poor that through His poverty I could become so. Oh, I love Him!

So yesterday, I stopped at the gas station to fill my little car. Thankfully I live in a part of the country where gas prices are better than most, but the $27 in my purse still seemed inadequate.

I'll only put $20 in and see how far it goes.... The pump switched on and numbers flashed by. (No prepay in Amity. You pay after you pump or you will get laughed at.) The top row hit 20.01 as the bottom row registered 5.27........ aaannnndddd I made a spontaneous decision to put in 25 instead.

Turning on the car and pulling away from the pump I glanced at the gauge to see if I'd been able to at least get 3/4 of a tank. The needle crept up... one quarter tank...half a tank...three quarters....... Full!

7 gallons of gas does not equal a full tank. Never has, and never will— at least not in earthly addition..

Shooting a confused glance back at the pump as I signaled left and pulled into traffic I could just imagine a tall, husky angel leaning one hand against the pump, the other on his hip, with a smirk of satisfaction on his face.

Thanks Lord...

God cares for me,
Bright is the day before me.
Wherever I go, right well I know,
His loving care is o'er me.


  1. I'm grinning. ^_^ He always catches us by surprise... Somehow, we have a habit of expecting the least from God. (Well, I do, anyway.) And I imagine He just shakes His head and grins, and says, "Watch this..." :D He gets me every time.

  2. Ah Beth! I love my Jesus! :)
    @Rachel I do wish I could see His face sometimes. I can almost hear Him chuckle. I think He likes catching us off guard at times.

  3. Our Jesus is truly amazing!!! :)