September 2, 2012

Pieces of Time

Pinning a veil for a special person

Here's to the little memorable moments that are small enough to slip between the cracks of our days and yet big enough to warm our hearts by forever.

Cherish them.

The busier my days get, the wider the cracks; and more moments get lost than ought to.

But when I do pause, the ones that I can remember bring smile after smile.

Sometimes I wonder how many could have been, that I've missed?

So many times in these past few weeks, as I've struggle-juggled taking 19 credit hours along with teaching a class, those moments have come at dear cost. Homework assignments have gone undone; and I watch my grades slowly inching their way further and further down the old Latin grading scale...

I'm not worried. 
No scale invented by men can affect a heavenly grade anyways.

Tear streaked cheeks resting on my shoulder.
Shy confidences of burdens borne, or battles won.
Subtle (and not so subtle!) hints that some tense, weary back could use a massage.
Conversations shouted across a busy campus center,  Miss Beth I love you!!...I love you MORE... I love you MOSTEST... MOSTERESTERESTEST!!
Little hands, clapping over my eyes from behind.
Hugs at every imaginable time and random location.
Bible verses, quotes and just-the-perfect songs shared and pondered.
Friday night sister time on the floor with our feet propped up on the couch.

A roomie moment. Rebekah feeding me cantaloupe bites while I curled my hair.

Those moments. They are the little things that make up the sum of life's happiness, and they are more than worth giving up a homework assignment or two. All the reasons I want to get A's start to sound selfish to me when I look at them for what they are anyways.. And shouldn't I be more than happy to deal another blow to that monster of selfishness for the sake of the kingdom? Whackety-thwack! Take that!

Consider Jesus... He once walked long dusty miles just to have a little moment with a Syro-Phoenician woman who needed a miracle. He gave up a meal to have a little moment with a woman at a well. He stayed out late on a mountainside to have a little moment with Nicodemus. In the press of the people day after day, He didn't neglect the little moments of companionship with his disciples.

Little moments.
So inexpensive.
Yet their worth is incalculable.

After all... it's all about people.


  1. Yes. That's what Jesus is all about. And the mercy, love, and compassion that you give, comes from Him. He knows what is most important. Keep doing what He asks you to do. Hugs.

  2. Thank you for sharing some little pieces of your time with me last night. :-)
    I was just thinking last night (while we were texting) how I see Jesus in you most through your love for people, and how you are always pointing them to Jesus. I love you!

    1. lol...You're so sweet to remember the times I DO text you instead of the times when it slips through those big ole' cracks in my life... :-) I see Jesus in your forgiveness! :-)