September 17, 2012

Do you mean to say...?

A Buddhist monk once asked a missionary to suggest a scene that would represent Christianity. 
Artists were to decorate a hall on the monastery grounds with murals and reliefs that depicted major world religions. After some reflection the missionary began to share the account in John 13.

The monk "said nothing as I read," the missionary recounted, "but I felt a strange, awesome quietness and power as the passage described Jesus' act of washing the disciples' feet." In that culture, discussing in public anything having to do with matters of the feet is considered very poor etiquette.

"When I finished reading, there was a moment of silence. He looked at me with incredulity and said, 'Do you mean to say that the Founder of your religion washed His students' feet?'

"'Yes,' I replied. The usually placid moon face with shaved eyebrows and head wrinkled up in shock and amazement. He was speechless, and so was I. I swallowed hard several times, and we were both caught up in the drama of the scene. As I gazed at him, the look of incredulity on his face changed to reverent awe. Jesus the Founder of Christianity, had touched and washed dirty fishermen's feet! After a few moments he gained control of himself and rose to his feet. 'I see now the essence of Christianity.'"

-Seventh-day Adventists Believe pg 198


  1. Wow...that is incredibly amazing. I'm definitely sharing this with my missionary family! It's so relevant, as we will be working with Thai Buddhists... Thanks so much for sharing this!!

    1. Praise God. It was in my reading assignment tonight. :)