August 12, 2012

Well Diggers

"Blessed is the man whose strength is in thee...who passing through the valley of Baca, make it a well." (Psalm 84:5, 6.)

Baca—thorn bushes.

The valley was so thick with them that it was impossible to pass through without ruined garments and tears.

The valley of weeping, some have termed it.

It would be more than justifiable for even a righteous man to complain of his experience in the valley of Baca.

But what sort of men are these who go through this thorny valley with different eyes? They see thorns, they are wounded by them undoubtedly, but they determine to turn this place into an oasis that those who will follow them may find a refreshing well where once briars and brambles were found.

These are the men whose strength is in the Lord. "They go from strength to strength."

Interesting that the Lord could have renewed their strength by giving them eagles wings to fly above the thorns, as He promised in another place.. But sometimes He has a higher purpose. Sometimes He sends His men into the valley that they might transform it for the sake of those who come behind.

Rich, rich trust. It is a high privilege to be chosen as one of the Lord's well-diggers. The mighty God of the universe sees in that man one who will not faint by the way, who will not complain of the scratches or the tears, but who will cheerfully root up the bushes with a song in his heart and a word of cheer for his companions.

Today I will take hold of His strength.
Today I will be a well-digger.


  1. Amen...thank you, Beth!

    1. Thank you for your example precious friend of mine... :)

  2. I am glad you are finding time to write some of the things you are learning. This one touched me. Oh to make the valley a better place for those who follow. It seems everyone has some kind of valley to walk through now days. I think that a well digger is one who makes the living water more accessible for fellow travellers. What an honor to be digging and sharing. I think that is what you did today.

  3. I have kept this post up in one of my open tabs for the last two days keeping coming back to it. . . Thank you :)