August 23, 2012

Spiritual Retreat

Just a quick note here for those concerned that I've exited the planet or bit the dust from weariness and exhaustion.

Worry not.

The energy level is back up and holding steady. 

Physical weariness follows physical exertion and is cured with sleep; emotional weariness follows emotionally draining experiences like being a canvassing leader, and is cured with good remedies like watching sunrises over peaceful lakes; mental weariness follows a day of intense classes and long reading assignments and can be cured by relaxing weekends; but there is no weariness like the weariness of having sin and compromised principles in ones life. That weariness can only be cured by Jesus.

Spiritual retreat this past weekend brought every one of these cures, and I count myself blessed.


  1. Glad you're all recharged again. :) Love the paddle picture! :D

  2. Jesus is so beautiful... and His creation well reflects it. :)