July 19, 2012

Program Pets

If I were a creature of the slimy sort I would want to live in Centerville, OH. The scenery is great, the sun is warm, the rain just frequent enough to keep the ground moist, and there are canvassers here who love creepy crawlies...

No, really. We love creepy crawlies. We're into pets in a big way here.

Mojo the goldfish joined us last Friday, after being rescued from the creek, and warranting a special trip to Walmart to purchase a fish tank. He was soon joined by another nice fish from the creek whose name was much deliberated until the team finally settled on Pukee Sa Ou Mem Fe Sa, which being translated from Creole means: "What were you thinking?"

Mantis, lives next to their tank in an old protein powder jar turned terrarium. His doting caretakers faithfully catch crickets and spiders for him every morning, and watching him pounce on his prey with lightening speed and perfect precision is truly a marvel.

And though I put my foot down when the snake and the craw dads came into the kitchen and I did the mean leader thing and made a "no living creatures in the school" rule on the spot, I really honestly love it to tell the truth..

"The Great Teacher brought His hearers in contact with nature, that they might listen to the voice which speaks in all created things;" Ed 102

And as preppy teenagers roll their skinny jeans up as far as they can get them and squish their toes into real live dirt, that still, small voice still speaks.

You can see it in the smiles.


  1. Wow, that is priceless! I love the picture of Casey! Nature is truly the place where I feel closest to heaven :)

  2. How fun! The one girl's expression is priceless! I like the fish's name. :-)