July 2, 2012

Bold as a Lion

Industrial businesses scared her.. Big, intimidating buildings with locked doors requiring fingerprint ID to enter. Businesslike people wondering what on earth a girl was doing trying to sell religious books in a place like that.. Scary stuff.

But then again... "The wicked flee when no man pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion." No one was chasing her! Why should she run?

She went forward, bold as a momma lion protecting her young. Door after locked door she tried but she could get in none of them. Yet she pressed on, reveling in a sense of inner peace that couldn't be shaken by intimidating appearances.

Finally, one locked door was slightly ajar-- someone had forgotten to shut it! She pushed it open and calmly walked in like she owned the place. She spoke with a somewhat startled receptionist, who informed her that she was not interested and "we really don't take walk-ins."

"I'm sorry!" she calmly replied, "is there someone like an owner who I'm supposed to talk to?"

She was ushered back out to the other side of the locked door to wait while the receptionist found the owner.

"I don't believe this-- he never takes walk-ins.. But he wants to see you!"

Back in through the locked door she went to re-emerge nearly an hour later with an empty bag and a $2,000 check in her hand!

He had been having this feeling that something big was going to happen. He didn't fear God except for what he could see validated by history.. But whether he knew it or not, he responded to the convictings of the Holy Spirit and got nine books which will lead him to Jesus if he continues responding to that Spirit.

Did somebody say something about exceedingly, abundantly above....??


  1. Can I be on your next canvassing team, Beth? Honestly, I don't think you could make canvassing sound much more exciting... :)

    1. Lol! You don't have to make canvassing sound exciting, sister; canvassing IS exciting!! ;) and you are more than welcome to join me in any canvassing program!

    2. The really crazy part of all of this is that this particular canvasser is not a naturally bold person and this was her first time ever doing industrial businesses. 3 weeks ago I had her doing a street with one lone industrial business on it and she skipped it because she was too scared...

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  2. Let me guess... She can't wait to do her next industrial business, am I right? ;)

  3. WOW!!!!!! ^_^ I almost hit the ceiling with excitement over here. :D PTL!!!!!!

  4. Loving your blogs! By God's grace this will be me this summer! Where ever I might be...