July 29, 2012

Aunt Hazel

She loves zebra stripes, still wears cute heels at age 80, has a sign hanging in her bathroom that says "I can't clean house and save the world at the same time."

Totally me.

Her home is simple, cute, homey and brimming over with love and you-can-be-yourself-here-ness.

Love it. Should I ever have a home I dream of it being just like that-- a kick-off-your-shoes-stay-long-and-come-often kind of place. Already my roommate can testify that our apartment buzzes continually with people from morning until night and I just love it that way.

Her phone rings off the hook with love-hungry people calling for her listening ear and encouragement, and she gets overwhelmed with it at times and disappears into her kitchen to bake only to reemerge with a ready smile.

Haha. Yeah that happens to me too and I handle it the same way.

She loves people with her heart and her soul and wraps her entire life around meeting their needs, no matter the personal inconvenience.

She's my role model.

She's busy and spontaneous and fun and if ever she runs out of work she goes looking for more. She lives to be needed and is happiest when she's busy as a buzzing bee.

Yep, that's me again.

And as we sat there at the kitchen table exploring each others hearts, idly scraping our spoons across dishes that had held vegan blueberry ice cream hours before, (we saw the recipe and had to try making it right now even though it meant sending Wayne dashing to the store for rock salt) she looked at me with her bright, beautiful eyes and said, "Oh, Beth, all I want to talk about is Jesus!" and I realized He was all we had talked about for the last three hours because I do too.

We finally went to bed at midnight laughing over the fact that both of our bodies would be waking us up bright and early in the morning and we'd function just fine on 5-6 hours of sleep cause that's just how we are!

My Aunt Hazel is my grandma's sister who lives here in Dayton. Our brief meetings before have been rare and something along the "Beth this your Aunt Hazel" "Hi, Aunt Hazel" line. This summer we started out with grand plans to spend time together while I'm here and here it is the last weekend of the summer and I finally forced myself to break away and come over, and she understood completely. She didn't even mind a bit that I still spent a good chunk of Saturday evening on the phone troubleshooting program issues because, well, she would have been too if our roles were reversed.

I've never known her, she had no influence in my raising, I didn't copy her; yet I'm like her. (Funny that in my own immediate family I am a total misfit and yet here in this extended branch of the family tree I have a soulmate. How does that work??)

And I get it now.. I get what it's going to be like when "we shall see Him as He is." We will know him, understand him, feel that we belong, we click, he gets us.. Cause we will be like Him.

Doesn't make sense.

My genes line up with Aunt Hazel's because we got them the same place. But how can these sinful, deceitful, wretched human genes be like Jesus' genes?

Can it really be that I can be "born from above"?

In Christ-- a new creature-- with heavenly tendencies, and heavenly loves and dis-loves. Clicking with Jesus because He gives me His desires, His impulses, His hatred for sin.

What once seemed weird to me, I now love.
What once was joy to me, now repulses me.


And though the friends I once connected with think I'm a fool,
And though they don't get me anymore,
When I see the One my soul loveth I will get Him, and He will get me for I will see Him as He is.

Maybe He'll even like zebra stripes too. :)


  1. oh Beth, we need to catch up soon!

  2. I wish I had an "Aunt Hazel" in my life. She inspires me. I have a feeling my "Aunt Hazel" was my great grandma, but I moved away from where she lived when I was too little, and then she got too old. I hope I can be that kind of person for someone else. And then there is the thought that Jesus is that for me. Awesome!

  3. Oh Beth, I'm sure He'll love the zebra stripes too! After all, He made the zebra :)

  4. Beth, oh Beth! This is a beautiful thought to ponder! It has melted my heart this morning. Wow. I get it now!
    @Sarah Reneigh You are so right!! Love it! :D