June 9, 2012

Those Little Surprisers

Two things in the world I love more than most?

Teenagers and surprises.

One thing I may like less than most?

Moving a 3-van canvassing team from one location to another.

Seems that no matter how well the plans are laid there is always a slough of unforeseen hiccups. The books take longer to load than planned, or somebody loses their room key at the last minute, and your credit card fails to run at Walmart so your co-leader has to make a trip over to rescue you, and meanwhile there's groups of people in two locations righteously indignant because their lunch is late.. etc., etc...,

So I've been praying for more patience and a sweeter manner of dealing with people, and stressful moving days are an excellent way of developing such character traits. But I've noticed, for whatever kind reason in His heart, Jesus makes every move a little easier for me.

Three summers ago, on pack up day, right at the point where I was about to say, "Lord, if ONE more person yells my name with a complaining tone I'm going to chop them in little pieces and throw them in the Nile river or something" I heard canvasser Schane yell "BETH?!"
"Help me, Jesus!"
And I turned around to see him holding flowers for me..
Thanks, Lord. :) A teenager and a surprise just when I needed them.

It's gotten easier since then. Jesus really means His stuff when He promises to give us a new heart and change us into His image! But it seems that He hasn't forgotten how much I love surprises.

Yesterday (make that 2 weeks ago now..) was moving day for us here in Dayton. And after packing and loading the vans, purchasing two flatbed carts full of groceries at Sam's club, doing a walk-through with the staff of the new facility, driving back to the old location to get the clean-up crew, buying two shopping carts full of (more) groceries at Walmart while Mr. Head Leader drove to north Dayton to pick up the radio that somebody dropped and lost on Wednesday, at which point the afore-mentioned credit card hiccup took place, and arriving back (late) for lunch to a kitchen full of groceries and boxes and a hungry team, my smile was beginning to feel a little more forced and my patience wearing a little thinner than it ought to..

Humming a cheery little tune while organizing groceries, dodging the busy food prep crew and avoiding anybody who looked like they had a complaint, I became aware of much giggling and whispering and general commotion taking place around me. The little munchkins kept grinning and whispering and shooting little smirks my way to see if I was watching them..

And, you know what? I think the sun came out from behind a cloud at that moment! It felt like it anyway.. Maybe it was just Jesus smiling and shooting me that "I knew you'd like it!" grin that He gives..

They had a surprise for ME!! And that simple little happy fact melted at least a pound of stress off my shoulders right there.

Sitting at lunch across from the giggliest and grinny-est of them, I felt little toes latch onto my flip-flop and tuggggg it off. I let it go..

I must mention at this juncture that my little black flip-flops rank right up there with teenagers and surprises on my list of loveable things.. Those faithful shoes have beat many a street with me. They go with every imaginable outfit, do double duty as shower shoes in all the public showers I end up using throughout the year, serve as everything from bed slippers to fly swatters, and have even been my running shoes this past semester after I lost my tennis shoes. (I know, I know, don't judge me!) They're like a permanent part of my foot, only leaving their post for a brief break on Sabbath morning while the heels do their stint.
They've put in a lot of hours.. And they've been showing it.. The first day of street-pounding in Dayton, I discovered a hole in the right heel.. I couldn't feel the street through it yet so I kept wearing them.. And wearing them.. I began making jokes about my heel getting so tough that the whole flip flop would just melt away and I'd never know it! Of course I didn't have time to go buy new ones.. And well, I admit, I didn't really want to either.. These ones were old friends!

Now they were tugged off my feet and whisked out of the room, to be returned moments later neatly covered with PINK. ZEBRA-STRIPED. duct tape!

Yes!!! Now I can wear them forever and ever and I shall be happy all the time!!

Hah. I love my job.

I love my Jesus.


  1. Ha! I think I know the giggliest girl. ;) That is a mighty fine job on those flip flops. Blessings on you and your team! Give that giggliest girl a hug from me.

    1. You guessed it! That girl has skills!! Haha. She's so much fun to have around. :)
      I will be more than happy to hug her for you all you want.. She's very huggable!

  2. Hehe. I think I do too. ;)) A big hug from me as well! And Beth, prayers for you... And your team. You're doing a great work. :)

    1. Hehe, yep! Thanks so much for those prayers, Hope! There is nothing we value so much in this work as heaven-shaking, he'll-robbing prayer. :)

  3. Awwwww, Beth....that's so sweet!!!!!! ^_^ LOL You and your zebra stripes. ;) As for me, I just lost one of my dearest, most-loved flip-flops on a rafting trip yesterday. ='( Dad found one of them washed downstream and lodged against a fallen log. (You should have heard my shrieks of ecstasy at the discovery.) But the other one had disappeared, never to return. :( And at this point, I don't think I'm ready to make another trip to Brazil to replace them. hah Funny how attached we get to material things.

    1. Noooo!! I'm sorry! :( I hope you can find some new ones.. I had to find new ones as well.. The zebra stripes are amazing but it limited the number of outfits I could wear lol.
      It is true.. These things mean little in the light of eternity..