May 22, 2012

Her Got Married

And happiness is to be had in overwhelmingly abundant supply... (as is work!)
The fact that the increase is counter balanced by severe deficit in sleep is insignificant.

Splendid couple. Splendid weekend. Splendid ceremony.

I will write more creatively at some point when the sleep level has come back up... I'm sure there are more and better descriptive adjectives than "splendid" but they elude my mind at this time.

A picture teaser:

And the Maid of Honor speech for all who asked for a copy :)


Just about four years ago, the night after my academy graduation, you and I were laying in sleeping bags side by side on the living room floor talking into the dark hours of the night. You were counseling me about how to be a good canvassing leader, as I was flying out at dark-thirty in the morning to lead my first program, but somehow the conversation turned to the inevitable topic that comes up when girls have sleepovers. Relationships.
We were telling each other our list of all things a guy must be in order to be like-worthy, and I'll confess, I was trying to figure out who in the world you liked. So I was kind of steering the questions in a more specific direction. “Well, do you think Matthew Morea is a good listener?” “David Armstrong seems like a really nice gentle guy..” And you were just all, no, no, no… This doesn’t work, or that doesn’t work. And I think there’s just no guy in the world that’s ever going to work for me! I need a guy like, well, like Stephen Leach. And you began to list quality after quality that he checked off your list. I told you, "Janalin, he’s staff!" And you said, “I know! But a guy like him.”

Janalin, you and I have always had our distinct differences, to the point that people have thought they were having an April Fool’s joke played on them when they were told we were sisters. But in heart, you and I are much the same. We were grown in the same garden, with the same rain and the same fertilizer. We share many similar hopes and goals for our futures. And we are both dreamers. In writing this speech, I was reminded of our days as homeschool brats in the mountains of Washington when Mom would take us out to get exercise every day. You, very early on, demonstrated a distinct passion for running wild and free. You loved us, but you loved the woods more, and you would run far far ahead of Mom and I day after day. We wanted you to walk with us too sometimes, and Mom got the bright idea to make you take the dogs leash. You would start to run ahead, but that dog was Mama’s dog, and as soon as she got fifty feet ahead of Mom she would put on all four brakes, and you would come to a screeching halt. You hated it, but you submitted to it.

It has been the same with our dreams; you have dreamed big dreams, and longed to run ahead with them right away, but God handed you the dog’s leash. And you submitted to it. You have chosen purity, and you have waited through painfully frustrating periods of silence when you were utterly unable to trace the finger of God etching out His plan for your life. But you have not questioned principle.

Last year you called me to tell me that Stephen was interested in you and you expected to begin a courtship soon. And when I recovered from my shock and picked myself up off the floor, I thought of those dreams you had dreamed for so many years, and the verse ran through my mind, “Delight thyself also in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit thy way unto the Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass.”

Thank you, Janalin, for loving Jesus. For submitting your will to Him, and for letting Him live out His desires in you. As you’ve shared your heart with me over the last few months, I have seen a picture firsthand of what a Godly relationship looks like on the inside. And it doesn’t look like an idyllic, perfect romance. It isn’t a romantic stroll down the beach with gentle waves beating their love songs on the sand. Rather it is the struggle of a soldier in the thick of battle. It is a fight for purity of heart, for firmness to principle. The soldier counts these a prize to be gained at any cost. He struggles, and he gets wounded, his comrades fall around him but he presses on. The blood, dirt, sweat and filth cake on his body, but he keeps fighting. He falls sometimes, and the enemy seems to be gaining on him, and it may seem that after all his fighting he will be lost, but he doesn't quit. He staggers back to his feet and keeps fighting.
Janalin, you have shared your heart with me, and you and I both know that this fight hasn't been perfect. Maybe not every decision you have made has been a righteous decision, and you have gained some wounds, blood and sweaty grime along the way, there have been times that you have fallen and couldn’t see your way back up, but you’ve kept fighting. And today you present yourself to Stephen in spotless purity, the purity of Jesus.

As you and Stephen begin your home together, there is not a doubt in my mind but that it will be the kind of home that angels delight to spend time in. It will be a place of happiness and holiness where kind words are spoken and that plant of heavenly growth, called love, is well-watered and nourished.

I pray that you will keep dreaming, and keep filling the needs of your heart in Jesus. I pray that you will keep fighting this good fight of faith with your own characteristic tenacity no matter what the enemy throws at you. Always remember that your commander has never lost a battle yet, and never ever forsaken one soul that clings to him in simple trust.

I love you, Janalin. You’re MY sister. And I’m proud of the fact.

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