May 7, 2012

God has a Will

We weren't created to handle this..It wasn't ever supposed to be part of our existence.
That's why we never know what to say when it comes. What is there to say?? "I'm sorry" seems heartless and inadequate. And even the warmest of hugs can't soothe the pain.
We just weren't made to deal with death.

So when it isn't directly affecting us we ignore it, acting as if little babies weren't dying all over the world every second. But when it hits close to home and we can't avoid being touched by it, it just plain hurts. And humanity aches to know why? 

Why do there have to be caskets only 22 inches long? Why do grieving people have to plan weddings? Why does it have to hurt so much to love?

But the vocabulary of faith doesn't include the word why.

Faith doesn't question.

I have heard, read, and believed that for years. I've known what faith sounds like.

Now I know what faith looks like.

It looks like a brave mother choosing happy, joyful songs to sing at her baby's memorial. It looks like a father who smiles through his tears and triumphantly asserts that he knows his God sent this trial for his good. It looks like a family who resolutely, determinedly refuses to allow their minds to dwell on the questions, and who cast themselves into the arms of Jesus while the waves of sorrow beat around them.
For truly when God gives a man quiet in his soul it is a quiet that cannot be made loud by the clamors of this world and its sorrows.

For God has a will, 
And I have a need 
To follow that will, 
To humbly be still, 
To rest in it, 
Nest in it, 
Fully be blest in it, 
Following my Father's will.

As the memorial ended, a grieving church triumphantly sang How Sweet are the Tidings through their tears. And we envision that day when the mossy old graves where the pilgrims sleep will be opened as wide as before, and we'll meet ne'er to part in our happy Eden home singing those sweet songs of redemption.

Hallelujah, amen! Soon, if faithful, we all shall be there.


  1. Thank you for sharing your pain and hope. What a blessed hope we have, and also what a responsibility now! Thanks again.

  2. Oh Beth...
    That hurts. A beautiful hurt...

  3. Ditto Sean.. {thanks Beth}