April 27, 2012

The twenty-seventh day of the fourth month

Checking year number 22 of my life off my checklist of things to complete..

Sweetest year of life yet.

And though this day means little to me (I spent the morning scrubbing toilets in order to keep gas in my car) I am warmed by the gift of expressed love.

My Daddo made me a cake!!
No. Really... He did.
First time such a thing has occurred in recorded history! ...and quite possibly the most meaningful thing that has ever occurred in the recorded history of my life..
Thank God for Daddies that express their love.

And what better gift to receive on one's birthday than a Sabbath all wrapped up in peace and calmness with a few soul-stirring hymns thrown in to boot?


  1. Amen. PTL for Sabbath... don't know what I'd do without it... Have a blessed birthday!

  2. Aww Bethers! I didn't know it was your birthday! Happy day to you. Mine fell on Sabbath this year and that made it pretty special too. Glad yours was filled with love. Hope you can fit a little more in 'cause I'm sending some your way. ;) I'm so glad it was a special year too. May this one be even better! Love you lots, girly! Hugs