April 30, 2012


There's a wedding coming soon in our family! These days are full of busy action, addressing invitations, oohing and aahing over pretty dresses, making DIY table decorations, planning, planning, planning.... We are joyfully anticipating expanding our family to include some of the sweetest, most Jesus-like people we've ever met.

A few months ago, that anticipation included hopes of a new baby by wedding-time (daughter of Stephen's sister, Ruthea). Her name was Promise, and she would have been born last week. Unfortunately, she was born 9 weeks ago instead. She battled hard to live; determined to make lemonade from the lemons she had been given. But Jesus saw that it was too much for her, and He saw fit that she should fall quietly to sleep this morning.

Precious girl.
She may have never known what it is like to live on this cruel earth without tubes and monitors all over her body, and she may not have known the feeling of being cuddled and snuggled until the last moments of her life*; but next thing she knows she will be wrapped up in the embrace of a strong, gentle angel, winging her way to the arms of her sweet, brave mother who will finally be able to cuddle her to her heart's content. She will finally get to know what it feels like to have no pain wracking her body. She'll trade in those tubes for wings, and her little bloated body for a perfectly normal and healthy one.

No, she may not have gotten the chance to grow up in this world of skinned knees, torn jeans, disappointed hopes and uncertainty; but she will know the joy of growing up in a world with no pain, no sin, and no hospitals.

She will never know what it is to be tempted, tested, or tried. She will grow up loving Jesus as naturally as a flower loves the sun.

Though I write this post in tears, I know I will see her again in a place where tears will never be shed.
Our precious Promise, we leave you in the safe arms of Jesus who never works without purpose and plan. And there we would also rest.

*Due to the fragile nature of Promise's health and the many tubes she had to be hooked to it was not possible for her to be held until the last hours of her life after the life support systems were turned off.


  1. Poor little girl... she's fought so hard. But she has something so much better now. Praying for God's comfort and peace to be with you all... :'(

  2. A hard to read post. So much sadness in this world. Could have been my little brother. But faith is not feeling. May God comfort you all! And yes, may we rest forever in Christ.

  3. Thank you friends. :-) Those prayers mean much.