January 20, 2012

On becoming RA

Oh, the irony!
The girl who hated correction and squirmed her way out of obeying the rules is now the one enforcing the rules.
My Jesus has a sense of humor!
A week ago I loaded up my little beat-up civic and moved back into the academy girl’s dorm where I was a student myself not so very long ago.  
I’m getting used to hearing Miss in front of my name, and having the time of my life supervising evening study hall, hugging hurting hearts on a cold tile laundry room floor, and waking up messy headed cutie-pies in the morning. I love them all to pieces.
Your prayers are appreciated.. The romantic description in the previous sentences masks a dozen ugly challenges yet to be overcome, but those need not be mentioned because they will be resolved and forgotten in His own perfect timing. He hasn't lost a battle yet! :-)
Precious experiences await… 


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