January 21, 2012

Love is Power

Incredibly blessed by a couple simple verses about Mephibosheth:

2 Samuel 19:24-30

His hair is wild and unkempt; garments reek from weeks without washing. His feet are filthy from walking Jerusalem’s dirty streets because he hasn’t worn shoes since the day the king left.

His deformed and crippled legs couldn’t have handled the severity of running for his life, so he stayed behind.. but though his body may have been in Jerusalem, his heart was far away, fleeing down a rocky road with his king.

He loved his king. And even though he was unable to follow him where he went, he determined that his life would show that he was not of the men of Absalom. He walked the streets barefoot, enduring the stench of his own body day after day.. his mind thinking only of his king.

Now his heart trembles with joyful anticipation. His crutches can hardly bear him to the gate fast enough. His king is coming.

This king had given him life when he was destined for death, he had brought him into his own palace and fed him from his table. He had shown kindness, tenderness, and love.

The lame man kneels in the dust, clutching the ankles of this king he loves more than anyone else in the world. His heart pours forth his gratitude for love given to one such as himself.

The king smiles and says, “Why speak of it anymore? This is a simple thing, Mephibosheth. I have given you your father’s land as well. Divide it with Zeba.”

But Mephibosheth cares nothing for land, he is hardly thinking of his rights or that he deserves anything at all. “Let Zeba have it all,” he murmurs, “All I want is you.”


  1. Oh, to live like that with thoughts constantly on our king!

  2. Beautiful! Isn't amazing to see how so many of the Bible stories parallel with the story of redemption?

  3. What an example. Thanks for bringing that out!

  4. ...And this one was for me, today.
    Thanks sister.