January 24, 2012

He Denied Himself

This morning while my assigned TED talk video was taking forever to load I rolled over on my back and grabbed my Desire of Ages to feast on a few nibbles of truth.

Halfway through chapter 9 one little sentence took a little longer to chew:
"Jesus worked to relieve every case of suffering that He saw. He had little money to give, but He often denied Himself of food in order to relieve those who appeared more needy than He."

Wow, Jesus was really amazing. I want to be like that...

Hours later, pulling out of Walmart parking lot with my groceries in the back, my mind ran through my To-Do list: Drive back to school, make lunch, eat, get to class... I checked the clock and knew I'd have to hurry.

I thought you were going to visit, Maryann?

Ohhhh... woops. I was, wasn't I?

Sweet Maryann allowed me to study the Bible with her all last semester. Her lonely heart craves affection and she is always disappointed when I have to leave for yet another canvassing trip. My opportunities for our usual Sabbath afternoon visit are especially limited in the busy rush of the Spring Semester. I was gone at Spiritual Retreat this past Sabbath, this coming Sabbath is a closed weekend for week of prayer, and next Wednesday I'm off to canvass in Illinois. This afternoon was my best and only chance to see her... but if I were to visit her now, I would have to go straight to class when I got back... and I'm starving..

He often denied Himself of food...

Oh. Right...

Oh, this stubborn wicked heart of mine says it wants to be like Jesus but when it comes down to actually acting like He did it is so selfish!

But by God's grace, the struggle was only momentary. Moments later, I was embracing a shocked and delighted Maryann, and the glow of her smile warmed my heart the whole way home.

Arriving on campus, I glanced again at the clock to see how much time I had before class.

3:15... and my class wouldn't start until 4:20

What?? Really? How did that happen?! That's when I was planning to eat anyways!


  1. haha wow. . . this is what I call, silent miracles<3 Beautiful

  2. Yes... yes. The joy of service. Beautiful.