November 23, 2011


 Flipping through an old Adventist academy yearbook this summer from my Grandmother’s generation (Yakima Valley Academy, 1929) I found this little poem and was absolutely smitten by it. Love, love, love it! Is it just me, or doesn’t this thing just make you want to be that kind of person? Steadfast. Exemplary. Unrebukable… Living the kind of life that makes other people feel like they want to be just, like, Jesus..  Mmmm…live out Thy life within me.

Arthur Guiterman
Mark Hopkins sat on one end of a log.
And a farm boy sat on the other.
Mark Hopkins came as a pedagogue
And taught as an older brother.
I don’t care what Mark Hopkins taught–
If his Latin was small and his Greek was naught,
For the farmer’s boy he thought, thought he,
All through the lecture time and quiz,
“The kind of man I mean to be,
Is the kind of man Mark Hopkins is!”

Philosophy, language, medicine, law
Are peacock feathers to deck the daw,
If the boys who come from your splendid schools
Are well trained sharpers or flippant fools.

Your great endowments, your noble halls,
And all your modern features,
Your vast curriculum’s scope and reach
And the multifarious things you teach–
But how about the teachers?
Are they men who will stand in the father’s place,
Who are paid, best paid, by the ardent face
When boyhood gives, as boyhood can,
Its love and faith to a fine, true man?

No printed page nor spoken plea
May teach young hearts what men should be;
Not all the books on all the shelves,
But what the teachers are themselves.
For education is, making men.
So it is now, so was it when
Mark Hopkins sat on one end of a log
And a farm boy sat on the other.


  1. True education is one of my favorite topics! Have you ever read 'Studies in Christian education' by E.A. Sutherland?

  2. You can never learn to be a teacher... It is a gift, a calling, which God places upon those He calls for that responsible task. I can't wait to see and hear how many young minds and hearts will be touched by the example of your surrendered to Christ life :).

  3. Love it - what an inspirational poem!!

  4. You know, Schane, I can't wait to read that book. It was recommended reading for one of my classes but you know how it goes... the "recommended" books never end up getting read when there is so much required reading to do. I really, really want to though. We've studied the Madison model quite a bit in our teaching classes here and Sutherland is probably my biggest hero in education. Love that guy!!
    Chicken, soo true.. pray for me. Seems the closer it gets the more I want it to come and the less prepared I feel for it...
    Seth, glad you enjoyed it. :-)

  5. W.D. Frazee is a great author on true education as well. Yeah, MAdison was great, but, well... it "was". Time to start more...