October 7, 2011

Arkansas Girl

It's been long and dramatic, and I've played hard-to-get far too long, but Arkansas has finally captivated my heart and won me over heart and soul.

Driving south from Ft. Smith to Hot Springs today under the October sun I caught myself thinking how much I love her just the way she is, and how under the influence of love, her mistakes seem to have somehow become attractive features.

I love her cute, little rolling hills and the sleepy little streams that get so confused about whether they should flow east, west, north or south that they just give up and don't flow at all. I love the simple farmhouses and the famous fall colors flanking the highway mile after mile. I love how even when everything turns brown and lifeless we know it won't be that way long because the daffodils will already be popping up again in February.

I didn't think that way when I came. My mountain-bred eyes wanted her to have plush mossy Olympic rain-forests and rushing, crystal fountains cascading down steep rocky hillsides. She doesn't. But she's got charms all her own, and I like her just for who she is.

I really, truly like this state. I don't have to force it, pretend or make it up. It's real and it's a part of who I am now. I'm an Arkansas girl, baby! Go Hawgs!

This didn't happen by accident... it definitely wasn't just one of those things that would inevitably happen sooner or later. It was a choice.

I can't get over how simple this is!
Just simply choosing to talk and act like I loved Arkansas made me really truly love the place.

No, that's not quite true... 

Talking and acting in faith made His promise of contentment a reality.

Serious? All the promises of God are like that?!

When I talk and act as though my faith is invincible it will become invincible? When I talk and act as though He has "given me a heart to know Him" Jer 24:7 I will actually have a heart that delights to do His will and not mine? I won't have to fake it?

That's what His word says...

Faith it 'til you make it.


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