September 30, 2011

Canvassing Experiences

Ah, canvassing—always a tool in God’s hands for realigning passion and purpose in my life. Nothing gets rid of that yucky, spiritually stagnant feeling like active service for the Master!

Just had to share a couple highlights from this last week :

My brand-spanking-new canvasser finally got so discouraged trying to sell books that she gave up trying and discovered the untouchable joy of simply working with Jesus for the souls of His people. All of a sudden rejections didn’t bother her anymore, and, by God’s grace, the windows of heaven opened and she started getting books right and left. Funny how that works… 
I got a call from this very same canvasser that she had been stopped by an irate townhouse/apartment manager who was intent on getting us booted out of town. The police were already on the way… When I got there, I literally got to watch the Spirit soften her heart. The angry torrent of words slowed and became a little sweeter. Soon we were having a pleasant conversation while waiting for the officer to arrive… and waiting…and waiting. After a few minutes, she called to find out where on earth he was, and found out he had “accidentally” gone to another part of town.  “Oh, that’s ok, don’t worry about it!”
 she said, “it’s taken care of.” And with that, she sent us on our merry way with a stern request that we stay out of her properties. (YESSS!!! We can still finish the rest of the town!!!) 
The day before yesterday my prayer for Rebekah had been that she would be able to find a person interested in bible studies. We are blessed to work with an actively growing church plant full of persons eager to follow up Bible Study interests as fast as we can bring them in. Rebekah didn’t get a single Bible Study interest that day although she asked many, many times. Yesterday, I saw her approach a young man walking down the street who looked like he was having the absolute worst day of his life. Indeed, when she asked him how he was doing he responded, “TERRIBLE!!” and proceeded to unload on her that his girlfriend had left him and taken their one-year-old daughter. He paused in the midst of his tirade, “Do you go to church? What church do you go to? Where is it? I need to go to church.” When Rebekah offered him Bible Studies his mouth dropped open in shock, “They would come to my HOUSE?? How much does that cost??” He couldn’t believe that anyone would actually help him for free! And, oh-by-the-way, he happens to live in the very townhouses we got kicked out of. For some reason he decided to go for a walk that night up the street Rebekah was working. 
But that wasn’t the only Bible Study experience Rebekah had yesterday! She has, herself, been praying for a Bible Study contact because she is taking a class in Bible Instruction and has to give a required amount of bible studies for the class. She has searched and searched near the school, but she hasn’t been able to find anyone interested. Her best hope now, with the end of the semester approaching fast, is to find someone who would be willing to study with her over the phone. But what are the chances? She had asked a few people, gotten negative responses, and pretty much given up trying. Last night, as I was moving her and Woodly to the street I had planned for them, I felt an uncanny impression that I should not drop them there. I told them, “You’re going to think I’m crazy, but we can’t be here guys. There’s a different street we need to be on.” Burning into my consciousness was an image of a street that I had passed by earlier and decided to skip since it was out of the way. On that street, Rebekah met a lady who has difficulty understanding the Bible and would really like someone to explain it to her. “Oh, would you like someone to come give you Bible studies?” Rebekah offered. The woman hesitated, “Well….. could they do it over the phone?” Unbelievable!! And then the woman asked, “And could it be Saturday afternoon, from 1-2 pm?” That’s the exact and only time that Rebekah would be free to give it. WOW! My Jesus is so organized!!
I got a call from the school office telling me that a business Calwyn had canvassed wanted us to come back because he and his partner had accidently left two extra books behind. It’s beautiful to have honest people in the world! Funny thing is though, Calwyn wasn’t working with anyone that morning..and he didn’t have any extra books missing from his bag. Was it his angel???
Out of time to share more, but not out of more to share. Please keep our teams in prayer for the next two weeks!


  1. Ooooh... It's so, so very awesome to watch God work, no matter the distance. :D I'm praying for you guys!

  2. Those are some pretty incredible testimonies, Beth. Praise God for His amazing love for each of these people and the lengths He is willing to go to in order to reach them! My continued prayers are with you and your team! Keep up the good work, sister. We'll be home soon!

  3. Beth!

    Thanks for sharing and kindling the canvasser spirit inside of me. Canvassing stories have a way of sending thrills of joy through me because I can so clearly see how God is working! I will continue praying for all of you canvassers.

    Miss you much!
    Sara VH សរ៉អ