September 6, 2011

Honor Me

Friday's tears plus Sabbath's sunshine made a lovely rainbow. Happens every time. :-)

The barrage of profound thinking I've been subjected to the past few weeks has generated at least 5 embryonic blogs running in my stream of consciousness waiting for that magical moment when I "have time" to write. Whenever that is.

In the meantime, you've got to hear what God did for Joann.

Joann was baptized about 4 years ago now and is a faithful member of the church plant I attend. Like so many of the faithful through the centuries, she has made her stand for the truth without the support of her close-knit family. She and her husband have faithfully shepherded their own children, but their extended family often misunderstands their new convictions.

Recently, Joann was driving with her mother on Sabbath and her mother asked her to stop at a secondhand store. Being that she's a woman and the fun of finding dirt-cheap treasures holds a strong lure for her, Joann was strongly tempted. They wouldn't be back near that secondhand store for a long time........
She stopped.
They went inside. Her mother shopping while Joann just looked.
Her looking led her to the shoe racks, where, right in front of her eyes lay two pairs of the cutest flip-flops she had ever seen. Yellow polka-dots would go perfectly with her yellow skirt... And the pink ones were adorable too. Without even thinking, her hand closed around the straps and carried the shoes along as she continued browsing.
When her mother was finished shopping, she headed towards the checkout, but was stopped by a clear voice in her conscience.
"Honor Me."
What? What do you mean?
"Honor Me...."
With just a brief struggle, she surrendered her desire for those shoes, and walked out of the store empty handed.
The victory would have been sweet all in itself, but the story doesn't end there.
Joann was called to help a friend clean out a house. The lady of the house had purged her closet and offered a large trash bag of unwanted items to the two women. As they browsed through it, Joann's blood went cold. There in the bottom of the bag were the two exact, same pairs of flip-flops. In her size. Same colors, perfect condition.
"Them that honor Me, I will honor."

Not only that, but later when Joann had a yard sale she sold the flip flops, only to discover them in her dresser drawer after she had sold them!

Oh, the joy of serving a Father who not only takes care of our needs, but delights in giving us even the little desires of our hearts!


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