August 22, 2011

The Accident

Accidents happen.

I drive by them all the time.

I didn't even know how calloused I was to them until I realized with sickening horror that the emergency vehicles I detoured around on my way to school yesterday were picking up my friends.

They were on their way to worship just like me. Running a few minutes late just like me. Pushing the speed a little too much for the wet roads just like me. But they lost control on the corner and plowed into a tree and I was spared.

Talk about unjust! I totally should have had that happen to me too.

Just a note to say speeding isn't funny to brag about, breaking the rules isn't cool even if you don't get caught, and the fine line between in control and out-of-control is more fragile than we think.

"Invincible" and "human" are diametrically opposite each other.

The three guys are ok. No broken bones even. Praise God for His mercy... And please drive safe!


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