July 28, 2011


Ever since my Intro to Teaching class I have had a fascination with studying the differences of the left and right brain hemispheres. I'm nearly entirely right brained according to the HMI (hemispheric mode indicator) test, and so discovering how left-brained people think and learn awakens the explorer in me.

I’ve learned a lot about the left-brain in my exploring, but I’m always discovering that I have much, much more to learn. For instance, yesterday, I was chilling on the couch with Stephen and Janalin, showing them the latest of the designs for the Sanctuary project. Immediately, Stephen says, “I just can’t figure out why you put the linen there.”
I wasn’t quite sure how to respond. I mean, it’s a texture, it’s art, I thought it looked nice…. Did he not like it?

Come to find out, he thought it looked just fine, and liked it. But he said left-brained people look at things like this and expect there will be subliminal messages. Why did they use that? What are they trying to say? What’s it supposed to mean?
Really?! Wow… that’s educational!
I look at designs and think.  Maybe that bar should have been nudged down a few hairwidths. Hmm, that texture looks really happy, maybe a softer one would work better.

Anyways, the experience really alerted me to the need to have input from every shade of the spectrum. What do you think? Are the subliminal messages too distracting? The colors too melancholy? The fading too...fady?

Forgive me for letting the sanctuary project take over my blog... it's taken over my life. :-)
Thank you all so much for the incredible response to help with transcribing sermons. I'm overwhelmed with all the people who have come out of the woodwork to volunteer to help a person you don't even know.
Thank you most of all for your prayers. We feel your prayers. Literally. And we are seeing the answers. :-)

A couple of the slides for the powerpoint presentations that will correspond with the sermons:


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