July 17, 2011


She hadn’t let me have 15 minutes of uninterrupted sleep since 3:46 AM. It seemed that she could sense the moment my eyes closed and she would let out another unearthly howl in the stillness of Lorina’s parents’ apartment. Afraid that she would wake everybody up, I got up, took her outside, gave her more food, held her, petted her, and tried everything I could to make her be quiet. Nothing worked.
She’d been alone all day, sleeping soundly under a bed, and she couldn’t begin to understand why I didn’t want to get up and spend time with her.
This must be like parenting. Only it’s probably lots easier… she’s just a cat.
Soon my eyes began to itch that uncontrollable allergy itching that only gets worse when you scratch it. Then the sneezing started in. The little allergens in her hairs were merciless and persisted in the attack as the hand on the clock moved lethargically through the pre-dawn hours.
What makes me do this?
Why? When others have suggested donating her to the pound, or putting her in a garage overnight, why do I keep on getting up in the middle of the night to sit on the concrete outside while she prowls the bushes?
The obvious answer is of course simply that I love her.
Love does things that don’t make sense.
It values the object of its affection so much that everything else simply gets counted but loss. Getting rid of Chessy doesn’t even enter my mind. No matter how much sleep she steals from me, or how many times she makes me sneeze, I couldn’t make myself send her away. Goodness! I can hardly stand the thought of even leaving her on her own for a week, even with the promise of a friend to keep her food dish filled daily. She’ll be lonely! (Hey, I love this cat, ok?)
Laying there on the carpet with one hand stroking her ears and the other rubbing my watering eyes, it suddenly hit me…
He does this too.

The allergens in my little habits must make His sin allergy flare up so badly. I read in Ezekiel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Hosea of a God who hates sin. His entire being is repulsed by the overwhelming stench of selfishness.

What perverse desire could possibly make me want to continue abusing Him by refusing to let go of my little treasured opinions and pleasures?


  1. Beautiful object lesson! How can we ever understand God's long-suffering?

    "Love does things that don't make sense." Hmm, thinking...

  2. You got the idea (about kids)! :)

  3. I love your blog, Beth. You take all the common things that have always touched my heart and say something profound with them. You know you got that from Mom right? I love you! Tell Chessy I still love her even though I have been gone all summer. She probably won't believe it, but it's worth a try. :)

  4. Aww..Love you too, Loopy-loo! :-)

  5. That's powerful! Very cute Kitty too.