June 24, 2011

They just don't know Him

It just plain hurts.
You hear the laughter.
     The joke is said.
     Someone adds another witty derogatory remark.
     More laughter.
     A ridiculous pantomime of your friend.
     Then they move on
         to make fun of someone else.

You sit in stunned silence.
      Did I really just hear that?
      That was my friend they were talking about.
      I can't believe they said that.
      How on earth could they make fun of my friend??

They just don't know Him.
     If they knew Him, they'd never talk about Him that way.

But they don't know Him.
     They don't know that His promises are really, truly true.
     That His love will transform their futility and despair into purpose and fulfillment.
     That He is standing in the Most Holy Place gladly blotting out any and every sin that is confessed.

If they only knew Him...
    They could never say that His law is outdated because they would see that His law is only His beautiful personality put into action...
     They could never joke about their pet sins if they knew that His life was crushed out beneath them.
     They would shudder to speak of His truth as "old and stuffy" if they only knew that it would set them free.

Oh, I want them to know Him.

These are my people. I grew up with them. I was one with them and they were my soul mates. Together we laughed that laughter. Together we made a mockery of religion. It was all we knew. We didn't know Him.

I know Him now.
And now they joke about me just like they joke about Him.
They misunderstand us both.

Yet the only pain I feel is that I was too cowardly to embrace that cross before. I could have known the sweet fellowship of His suffering so much sooner. If I'd only known Him.

Whom to know is life eternal.

Oh, Lord, please...
        Live out Your life in me.
It's a ridiculously faulty vessel, but they've got to see somehow.
They've got to get to know You.


  1. Amen! I so agree and can so relate too! It hurts when people talk bad about my friend or take His name in vain...

  2. It's all so real and so very true.