June 27, 2011

The Sacred Claim

I'm not keen on the practice of re-sharing youtube videos on my blog... but it's not every day I find a youtube video that moves me so deeply as this one.

"If the gospel brought death to Jesus Christ, why would we think that in preaching the gospel would be any less for us?"

What makes me think I'm "entitled" to the basic comforts of life??

My first thought, on watching this video was of a friend...
A friend I knew only briefly as a girl, but whose heart I've come to appreciate through her blog.
While I have preached of service, and dreamed of service, and believed in the necessity and beauty of hardship, she has lived service and embraced hardship.

The power of God working in you, and moving you to love whole-heartedly and selflessly, has been an incredible witness to me, Maria. God has used your simple words and stories to speak to my heart over and over again.

Just wanted to say thank you. :-)

PS: I'm praying (earnestly) for Jabez. Your stories make me love that baby like he's my own. Let him know that we're all rooting for him to make it, k? :-)

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  1. I first read your comment on my blog about how God had impressed you to pray and I got chills...I needed to hear that...and then read this and, honestly, just about started to cry. (Not exactly normal behavior for me...)

    Reading something like this, honestly, I feel mostly two things, inspired and then there's a certain level of ouch factor. The ouch that tells me that, yes, I may be trying, but I fail. That knows me. That says that I don't always live and give the way that Christ would have me. That there are days when I can become complacent even with all of this before me. But I'm inspired and also know that God knows how deeply I desire to give to Him more faithfully, more completely. I'm striving to serve better, integrate more, sacrifice more fully...

    And all those prayers? God has answered them!