May 6, 2011

"That book was worth a million!"

This beautiful tribute to the working of the Holy Spirit on hearts was written by a lady whose door I was privileged to knock last month during our spring canvassing program.
“I cannot remember the exact date that the Lord sent an angel to my door, but I believe it was the last week in March. I was having a really bad week, things like were always ending up in frustration! I was almost to my wits end when someone knocked on my door. It was a young lady named Beth Johns. It was kind of weird that she was not supposed to be in Conway that day, but for some reason the group that she was with decided to stop here and I didn’t know it, but I desperately needed her. To make a long story short, I believe the Lord put us together that day and I believe she was an angel that came that day to let me know that the Lord loves me so much! And I love it and I am very thankful. I didn’t have any money the day she came and she gave me the most inspiring book I have ever read [Peace Above the Storm]. It was worth a million dollars! I am sending a donation– I wish I had more to give – I want to thank Beth Johns and your organization. Love, Sara”
The more I canvass, the more I am amazed at God’s personal interest in every single person behind every single door. In my world I may have friends and strangers, but God has no strangers in His life. He knows everyone and is personally interested in the littlest details of their lives. Over and over again, I see Him direct a canvasser to one of His friends at just the right moment. This lady was not raised a Christian, and her knowledge of the Bible was very limited, but she knew one thing– that Jesus was the answer to the longings in her life. She wanted Him so eagerly and earnestly it brought tears to my eyes. Although she will discover that I am nothing close to being an angel– literally or in character– she did have this right: God loves her so much that he moved an entire canvassing team to her neighborhood just for her. If she only knew how hard He had to work to keep me going that day…

Please pray for Sara and for the thousands like her who are reading the books they have bought and discovering a God they never understood before. And please-- please-- pray for more laborers! The harvest is great and so many ripe souls are falling on the ground because there is no one there to pick them…


  1. Beautiful! What an amazing God we serve! Not a hair falls from our head but our Father notices... :-)


    Harvest is plentiful, laborers are few...

  2. Beautiful experience, Beth... just a little taste of what it will be like when we get to heaven!

  3. Praise the Lord! I imagine we'll hear more reports like this in heaven. . . I can't wait!

  4. Thanks Beth for sharing! I think I remember working with you at GYC? Anyway, your blog is a testimony to your life for Him. Keep shining for Him! And don't worry about being "shy" - I'm there too, but Jesus works despite. Praise the Lord! Come visit me sometime and let's be friends... ;-)

  5. Thanks, Mel. I remember working with you at GYC too, but I know you better as "the Holland's daughter." lol. I worked at OA for a year and your family became very special to me. :-) Thanks for the invite, I love your blog! :-)