May 25, 2011

Stones to Mark Miles

She graduated.

She's past another mile marker.
Her interests, personality, and priorities are changing so fast its a little difficult to keep up with...but that doesn't so much have to do with her graduation as it does with that fact that family pictures are expanding from this: this:

And that makes me happy.
I wasn't prepared for the reality that it would also make me sad--that it would change her in ways I wouldn't expect. But that's ok. Passing milestones bring new scenery and every landscape has its own distinct beauty when you train your eyes to see it.
I loved who she was--and I miss her that way-- but I love who she's becoming too. And there isn't a guy I would rather welcome into our lives than Stephen Leach. :-)

The next milestone...?? Well... there's no rush.. ;-)


  1. This part of life brings some very beautiful bitter-sweet tears.

  2. Aww... Beth, I'm so happy for her! We had talks about this chapter of life several times last summer. Good memories. I hope we get the whole story someday. ;) Congratulations to her. And a hug to you. As many happy memories lay before you as lie behind you. :)