May 20, 2011


I. Hate. Awkward. Situations.

Problem is, I've realized that I CREATE awkward situations.

I've always envied those smooth, gifted people who master awkward meetings, always have a ready supply of the right words to say, and are seemingly uninhibited by shyness.

Me? When I was a kid I would do anything to avoid having somebody ask me how I was doing because I never knew how I was supposed to respond. I tried the smile trick--you know, smile at them and hope they somehow get the idea that you're a friendly person and you really do like them. (For the record, it doesn't work.)

As I got older, I learned the far more sophisticated technique of being too busy to talk. I discovered that there's always a kitchen overflowing with work to do, or details to be worked out, or a bratty kid that needs meaningful occupation.... Anything to avoid that awkward small talk thing.

That doesn't work either. They call that snobby with a capital S.

And much as I hate awkward situations, I hate shyness more, because I love people. And there's nothing more frustrating than watching yourself build a wall between you and a potential friend and not being able to tear it down later. It's not like I don't know that they are likely shy too and just hoping someone else will make a friendly move....

So today I had an epiphany. (In my bathroom while straightening my hair, where so many good epiphanies happen.) 
The thought occurred to me that, for goodness sakes, I'm a canvasser!! I meet and make friends with a  hundred people on a daily basis. How is it that those interactions come so easily?'s because when I'm canvassing all that matters is what is Jesus trying to say through me to that person? Looking through Jesus eyes, every person seems so valuable, and every precious minute with them counts.

What are they thinking of me? doesn't even matter.........

Shyness is merely selfishness in sheep's clothing.

And the One who loves to root selfishness out of our lives in all its ugly forms, "who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were" (Rom 4:17) loves to create boldness in the shy persons who will ask for it...


  1. "...I CREATE awkward situations."
    Oh... Can I relate!

  2. Oh... That's so much like me. I struggle with shyness sooo much! I can relate...

    Thank you Beth! I appreciated this post.

  3. Excellent point, Beth. Good food for thought. The consequences of Adam and Eve's fall are a carnal nature and death. We often think that Christ died on the cross that He did so to save us from death, which He did, but He also died to that we may also overcome our carnal natures- the selfishness, shyness- all that. 2 Peter 1 is a promise that we can be likened after His divine nature. What a promise!

  4. Amen, Cami! The Promiser keeps His promises. :-)

    Sean, you HARDLY seem shy! this is why you haven't emailed me! You're too shy! I don't bite, I promise! :-P teehee, jk

    Elyssa, I think we're kindred spirits on a great many things. :-)

  5. What an amazing point! I can totally relate. I struggle alot with shyness too. Thanks, Beth.

  6. @Beth: LOL!! Well, I emailed you, so you need not worry anymore. ;-)