January 10, 2011

18 years ago today..

Waking up to 3 or 4 inches of snow this morning, my family couldn't help but remember that it was snowy that day too.

That day that I should have died an agonizing death of smoke inhalation or worse...

It was the noise that first woke my parents up. A roaring noise in the bedroom wall, accompanied by ominous sparks shooting past the window. Immediately the fire department was called and within an hour they had the chimney fire successfully put out.

Exhausted from the stress, my parents sank onto the couch to catch a few hours of sleep before they would have to face tomorrow's work. They slept soundly until, without any explainable reason, they were both jolted wide awake. Confused, they stared at each other for a moment before they realized that the roaring noise was back... My dad opened the door, glanced at the chimney, and yelled, "Get the girls" as he leaped for the phone on the wall. It was already dead. The chimney fire had reignited and the fire was already consuming the front wall of the house--the wall next to the bedroom my sister and I shared. As my dad sprinted to the closest neighbor to call the fire department, my mom wrapped my sister and I in as many blankets as she could and carried us to the car. She tried to get back up the stairs to grab her photo albums from her bedroom, but the smoke was already too thick and she was forced to turn back. Apparently when the house was built in 1900, it had been insulated with newspaper, and the fire made quick work of it.

But we were all safe, and by some miracle the fire department were able to save the majority of the furniture downstairs, but everything upstairs was lost...

I wonder sometimes why I was saved. Why--when so many children die every day--why should I have been spared? Only God knows.

And I know this much--I will gladly serve Him with the life He has seen fit to preserve.

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  1. It's amazing how often He spares us. I know that I should have been dead many times over by now. I'm glad that you were spared so we could get to know each other and become such great friends. n_n :hearts: