December 15, 2010

Depraved Indifference

This was shared at the breakfast table this morning by a friend. I was deeply moved, and I had to ask myself, what am I doing? What good is my life to the work of God?

Not everyone can be an overseas missionary. And not all the needs are overseas. But God forbid that I use this as an excuse to neglect my duty to the needs of those around me.
God doesn't just need people in Liberia. God needs people in Arkansas, in New York, in Alaska--people who are willing to deny themselves for the sake of others. If I am not willing to put myself at inconvenience in order to discover and help the needs of those on my own street, what makes me think that I would make any difference to anybody in Africa??
The secret is not to go as a missionary. The secret is to BE a missionary. To see others with Jesus eyes. To let my heart bleed and be broken for the little boy at church who plays in a concrete jungle unless someone takes him out to the lake and roasts hot dogs over a campfire with him. For the depressed woman who needs someone to encourage her to take a walk in the sunshine. For the man who needs work to feed his family. For the woman whose continual whining and unfair accusations hurt me, but who really needs someone to show her unconditional love.

Lord, teach me how to love.

Teach me to be a missionary.


  1. makes me think of the song "Give me your eyes" dont remember the singer.

  2. The song to which Welding Man Refers to is "Give Me Your Eyes" by Brandon Heath. I think this is one things I had to learn when God handed me a new planner, that was totally different than I had expected. I had this mentality for awhile that the best way to serve Him would be to throw myself out there in the middle of a foreign land that isn't knowledgeable about Him. But with the new direction, in which I have seen God's leading, He has shown me that there so much work to be done here, and that not everyone is called to leave their homeland, but rather to stay and be a missionary where they are.