September 21, 2010

What home looks like today...

So the other day, Dad randomly emerges from his cave in the back bedroom to show me his laptop screen. He had found a folder of pictures from 2004--exquisite, amazing, incredible pictures-- not so much in their content, lighting or exposure, but because they were taken at home. Dad blurted out "Why on earth did we move to Arkansas anyway??" Good question, Dad!! Very good question.

See, we liked this place. We really liked this place.

You would like it too. You can't help but love a place this beautiful.

With mountains like this.

And flowers this exquisite:

(Yeah, yeah, that's not a flower. Whatever. Same difference. ;-) It's still amazing and perfect and all that good stuff. )

And wildlife like this:

This was right outside the front door one morning. The mother was comfortable with us, and left her fawn with us for safe keeping during the night. We could walk all around it, and take as many pictures as we wanted; the little thing wouldn't twitch a muscle!

Yeah..that's home. This summer I went back for the first time in 5 years, and got those weird little funny feelings just seeing those mountains again.

This valley was my playground, and there was hardly an inch of it that I didn't know like an old friend.

You see that friendly old white farmhouse there? And the apple tree the deer would always strip clean for us? And the old rusty barn roof I tried to jump off of a couple times? The garden where I learned how to make-your-own sprinkler system with my dad? Ok...enough sentimentalism, you get the point.

Why did we move to Arkansas? We really did have a good reason. God called us there.
And I'm so glad He did. We have had the joy of watching a church be born right under our fingertips. We've grown together as a family. We've learned to appreciate the friendly, down-home southern hospitality of these simple people. We've seen complete strangers become not only baptized church members, but our closest allies in ongoing evangelism. We've learned to look deep for the beauty--it's always there somewhere. We've learned a little bit more what it means to be content. That life isn't about your surroundings--any location, any people group, any job is a happy place to be as long as you are resting in the security of the love of the Almighty and He has given you a mission to accomplish.

So we call this place home now.

We joke that this is our "waterfall."

And when we go "hiking" (how do you hike when there's no hills?? doesn't hiking involve mountains?) we sometimes cringe at the trail names and some of us will go to extremes just to get a view once in a while.

But we love this place too. We know why we moved to Arkansas, we really do. Our mission is here, and our family is here, and God is here. "And he said unto them, When I sent you without purse, and scrip, and shoes, lacked ye any thing? And they said, Nothing." Luke 22:35

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  1. Just the summer I spent in your home state was enough to convince me. I've had to struggle hard many times about why I was born in NE of all places, and have been stuck here all but 4 of my 22 years. Contentment. I'm still learning. But thanks for reminding me.