February 25, 2010

The Eagle of the Alps

Majestic in her regal attitude,

All men esteem her, heads of state conclude

Another bird could not have courage more

Nor yet one higher in the heavens soar.

The Eagle of the Alps exceeds them all;

The highest mountains echo with her call.

Yet though courageous, still a fear she knows,

When in the valley thunderhead-clouds close

Around her. All she sees is dark and rain,

It seems she beats against the wind in vain.

She dashes to and fro, her strong wings torn

And wounded by the fury of the storm

She cannot find her home, nor does she see

Her nest is bathed in sunlight– sweet, serene.

At length a note of triumph rings above

The howling storm and thunder-clap thereof,

She’s found the way, and screams her triumph cry

Upward at last, to clear and peaceful sky.

The metaphor is clear, I need not say

That trials often cloud the Christian’s way.

Look not at them, for you may rest above

In trustful, calm assurance of His love.


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