August 5, 2008

Summer of Blessings

"You did WHAT?!"Haha, that was pretty much my response when my sister first told me that she had volunteered me to be a Jr. leader in a canvassing program this summer. The next thing out of my mouth was: absolutely not!God thought differently though, and now, ten weeks later, I'm so glad He did.I began the summer completely terrified and feeling totally inadequate for the position I was in, yet with a sense of peace knowing that I was where God wanted me to be. And over and over again, God has confirmed that it was His will. Isn't He amazing?My summer has been stuffed full of blessings. God put together the perfect group of young people for me to work with my first summer. They were cooperative, enthusiastic, energetic, and passionate about people. They kept me laughing, and were quick to forgive me for my (many) leadership blunders. For all my students out there reading this: You guys are amazing, and I love you to pieces. I miss you mucho! sniff... Ok, back to blessings...God helped us pass our goal of 200 bible study contacts by week 6 or 7. Isn't he amazing? I was amazed by the number of people out there truly hungering for a better knowledge of God's word.I was blessed to be able to get out and canvass some myself, and I could tell you story after story of how God answered specific prayers, created divine appointments, led me to exactly where I needed to be at the perfect time, or gave me strength to keep smiling when I was completely exhausted. He is so faithful! So many times I would come to the end of the day lacking 20 or 30 dollars because I had given away books (What can I say, when the Holy Spirit says somebody needs a book, you gotta give it to them even if they don't have the money...) and over and over God would provide at nearly the last house more than enough to completely cover everything I had given away. Of the whole summer there was only one day that my donations didn't cover the cost of my books. Amazing!But the greatest blessing of the summer was seeing God's hand molding and shaping my life and the lives of my students. Watching young people respond to the influence of the Spirit is the most exciting thing I've ever seen! More than one of them discovered that the spirit of prophecy books aren't so boring after all. One young man would carry his GC to the laundromat with him and pour over it, highlighting it like a textbook. Often a group of students would gather on Sabbath afternoon to read the GC or have a bible study. Every single student was called to a higher, deeper, richer walk with God. Many of them were eager to study out for themselves the doctrines that they had always believed but never fully understood. Our bible workers, Thomson and Anh, held a mini evangelistic series just for our group. At the end 4 students made the decision to recommit their lives to God in rebaptism. PTL!!! I love my God...He's so cool.So now my summer of blessings has come to an end. God is good. The school year is ready to pounce on us again. Are you all ready for the attack? Haha. Praise God that blessings don't end with the summer. I'm really looking forward to this next year, although I have to admit I'm feeling some of the same uncertainty and inadequacy that I started the summer with. God is leading me to Oklahoma Academy this next year to lead the student canvassing program there. Has God gone crazy? Well, however much I might think that He has, I've never known Him to lead without a purpose in the past, and I trust that He has a purpose now. I'm so thankful for the peace of knowing that I'm where He wants me to be, even though all my plans for the school year have been turned upside down. When God says "go," I don't dare say "no." I would really appreciate your prayers for me for the upcoming school year. I'm feeling the need of extra wisdom from the One Who gives liberally and upbraideth not. Thank you for joining me in asking for it.


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